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Goldhofer THP-HL
Goldhofer THP-HL / 2007
2 x 6 side-by-side
Goldhofer PST-SL
Goldhofer PST-SL / 2011
6 axles PST-SL
Goldhofer Semi 7- 42 m
Goldhofer Semi 7- 42 m / 2007
Extendable upto 42 m (towers)
Goldhofer THP-L 4+7 adaptor RA3-100t
Goldhofer THP-L 4+7 adaptor RA3-100t / 2007
JPD4+THP-L7 adaptors RA3-100t-5,3m
Scheuerle SPMT
Scheuerle SPMT / 2010
20 axles SPMT + 1 powerpack
Goldhofer Vesselbed 100t
Goldhofer Vesselbed 100t / 2005
+ 12 axles + neck

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